Zodiac portrayal of lips
Psychopath You Are, as per Zodiac

Lips are typically the first thing people notice about someone. Also, just like the signs of the zodiac, your lip shape might give away personality traits.

1.Aries: Inconsistent Lips They exhibit a variety of lip traits. lips may be somewhat open in the center, have an irregular top line, puff up on one side. The form of an Aries' lips defies all rules.

2.Taurus: Heart-Shaped Lips One of the most romantic features of the body, the lips, are defined by two beautifully rounded curves at the top that lead to a flawless tip.

3.Gemini: Wide Lips Their mouth is the center of attention because their lips cover most of their face. Their broad lips, which are neither curvy nor undefined,

4. Leo: Thin Lips Like a lion, Leo's face is not dominated by his lips. The actual draw is the smile that emerges from beneath their delicate lips.

5.Virgo: Full Lips They never speak without giving it serious thought, and Virgo's face is mostly taken up by their pillowy lips.

6.Cancer: Round Lips Although the size of round lips might vary, they rarely protrude beyond the width of the nose. The rounded lips on a cancer are usually on the smaller side 

7.Libra: Bow-Shaped Lips Bow-shaped lips are frequently linked to friendly dispositions, which closely resembles Libra's extroverted inclinations.

8. Scorpio: Bottom-Heavy Lips Scorpio's dark and fierce personality is closely mirrored by a seductive bottom-heavy lip. The lips capture admirers' attention and command it.

9.Sagittarius: Top-Heavy Lips Top-heavy lips are often indicative of communication and intelligence. intelligent and funny

10.Capricorn: Downturned Lips Downturned lips are sometimes linked to age, which fits with Capricorns' propensity to appear more experienced.

11.Aquarius: Straight Upper Lip The typical image of lips that most people get when they hear the word "lips" is broken by their straight top lip.

12.Pisces: Bee-stung Lips Bee stung lips give off a similar vibe to Pisces; they portray purity while coming off as seductive.



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