Yellowstone and 1923 fans on Kevin Costner

There won't be a Dutton family gathering any time soon. Kevin Costner received some criticism from Harrison Ford.

In February, Harrison met down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss his most recent performance in 1923. He plays Jacob Dutton,

 the patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch and great-great-granduncle of Kevin's character John, who joins the Yellowstone universe as a member of the prequel cast.

The site questioned whether he got in touch with The Bodyguard star to prepare for his position, recognising the big shoes to fill given the original show's enormous success.

The 1923 performer said he wanted his own way. He told the magazine he wanted a special relationship with co-creator and showrunner Taylor Sheridan to guide his actions and thoughts.

I have no idea how they get along, he continued. They must get along well because Kevin performs a terrific job, I would suppose.

Harrison has already been questioned regarding Kevin. He had told E! News at the 1923 premiere in November 2022 that he was looking forward to catching up with her.

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He told the outlet, "I have the utmost regard for Kevin, his body of work, everything he's accomplished, and the work he's doing in Yellowstone.

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