Wiggins' daughter? Warriors star forward's kids relationship

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins has missed over a month for personal reasons. The Warriors have highlighted respecting his privacy and life.

Mychal Johnson and Wiggins have two daughters. In 2022, the Warriors forward discussed his 3- and 15-month-old children with ENews.

"Girl dads are the finest," he said. "It's unique. I love my two princesses unconditionally. Daily is perfect. After a bad day at work, my daughters are waiting for me. They always smile.

"Love keeps me going." Johnson and Wiggins supposedly dated in high school. Wiggins praised her for supporting his dream while raising their daughters.

"She went to Notre Dame and played basketball, so she appreciates the sacrifice and everything that I gotta go through day to day,"

said Wiggins, who played one season at Kansas (2013-14) before being drafted No. 1. She's been fantastic raising our kids to be perfect.

"She makes things happen." Steve Kerr "hoped" Andrew Wiggins would return this season but didn't rule it out. After this long hiatus, the Warriors seem to support Wiggins.

They've operated a great organization for several seasons and handled things professionally. As a top NBA defender, Wiggins is the ultimate professional.

As a top NBA defender, Wiggins is the ultimate professional. He's scored 39.6% from 3-point range this season. Wiggins helped the Warriors win last season.

His defense may have won the title for the Dubs. Andrew Wiggins' girls make him a greater champion off the court.

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