Who's she American Idol auditions 80s new wave legend's daughter.

"Nepo-babies" have been on American Idol. Ava Maybee and Zaréh, daughters of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Idol Season 4 top eight contestant Nadia Turner, competed last season.

This season, we've had Haven Madison (whose father, Jason Roy, fronts Grammy-nominated Christian band Building 429); Lyric Medeiros (daughter of adult contemporary crooner Glenn

“Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You” Medeiros); Cay Aliese (daughter of late America's Got Talent/The Voice contestant Nolan Neal); and McKayla Stacey, who was "literally born into Idol" when

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her dad, Season 6 finalist Phil Stacey, tried out for the show while her mom wasKaya Stewart, 22, arrived Sunday with her Rock & Roll Hall of Famer father, David Stewart.

Dave Stewart. Kaya nonchalantly said, "My dad was in a band called the Eurythmics," as though they were an underground group. New wave legend Dave Stewart!

Kaya always calls Dave Dad. “When I was born, my dad was on tour, and I was going to shows in my mom's tummy,” she said. I've always played. I always knew my career. I always played.”

On Sunday, the elder Stewart played guitar for his rising singer-songwriter daughter and said his Idol performance was "more tough than being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame."

seemed sincerely, even endearingly anxious. Yet, Dave has various show connections. Simon Fuller, American Idol's creator and original executive producer, 

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