What if the Aaron Rodgers trade fails?

2023 New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is likely. The team's senior decision-makers flew out to speak with Rodgers after his midnight retreat.

The only catch is that Rodgers must be dealt to the Jets from the Green Bay Packers. Every story suggests this will happen before Week 1, but it may not.

Rodgers has all the leverage, but the Packers don't seem eager to negotiate. New York allegedly tried "everything at quarterback" this offseason, but missed on nearly all

non-Rodgers possibilities while waiting for a trade. Derek Carr, who the Jets said would be a Hall-of-Famer in New York, joined the Saints.

The Las Vegas Raiders signed Jimmy Garoppolo, who played with Robert Saleh in San Francisco.

Mike White, who replaced Zach Wilson twice, joined the Miami Dolphins. Even boring guys like Jacoby Brissett, Gardner Minshew, Baker Mayfield, and Taylor Heinicke found new teams

If a deal fails, there are few feasible non-Rodgers options. If the Jets fail to sign Rodgers, their short- and long-term decisions will be more difficult.

The Jets' dream situation, some say better than Rodgers. Jackson is younger and more dynamic but would need a complete offensive revamp.

Since the Baltimore Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, he may negotiate directly with clubs, but the Ravens can match any offer.

New York would have to offer Jackson any contract he wanted and hope the Ravens wouldn't match it.

The franchise would still lose two first-round choices. It's a tiny price to pay for a franchise player, but the Jets would have to give up more for Rodgers and pay a lot of guaranteed money.

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