Warriors star's girlfriend reacts to terrible cheating claims.

Andrew Wiggins last played basketball almost a month ago. The Golden State Warriors have only said his absence is personal.

Steve Kerr recently denied speculations that Wiggins would not play this season, but the fact that these reports have already surfaced shows how dire the situation is.

It's no longer shocking that Wiggins' disappearance has sparked rumors. Mychal Johnson, Wiggins' girlfriend, is rumored to be unfaithful.

We won't discuss the unpleasant, baseless rumors anymore. Johnson was clearly unhappy with the phony news:

Johnson avoided addressing the rumors, maybe to avoid fueling them. She vehemently denied cheating:

Currently, Andrew Wiggins is facing a very difficult time in his life. In any case, it's quite unusual for a player to miss at least a month of games due to a personal issue

This is obviously a very severe problem, and Wiggins and his loved ones don't need to deal with speculations like these.

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