Warriors miss Andrew Wiggins.

The Warriors' locker room misses Andrew Wiggins, who doesn't talk much. He leaves a void. He doesn't attract shoes and swag like Stephen Curry.

Wiggins doesn't set the mood like Draymond Green or Andre Iguodala. Wiggins isn't joking with Jordan Poole or talking to JaMychal Green. Wiggins' smile indicates well-being. But it's gone.

That locker room knows why. He's blessed. Meaningful. One player called his situation “some real (expletive).” Golden State's postseason hopes depend on it.

Joseph Lacob needs gate revenue to recover from pandemic losses. Curry is avoiding a dramatic shakeup to extend one of the greatest NBA runs.

Deep playoff runs fix a lot. That depends on Wiggins' return. Without him, the Warriors lost last year. His opportunity is best this year. The locker room knows. He should return. Return him.

His absence isn't causing animosity. This would cause frustration and rage. The Warriors' locker room is full with patience, understanding, and concern.

They understand. They're not hurt. They also shield Wiggins. Wiggins disappeared Feb. 14 against the Clippers before the All-Star break. Wiggins will miss his 13th game Wednesday night

play the Clippers in Los Angeles. Curry missed less. None of the players appear to be whispering. No disguised shots were fired. No one defies him off-record.

No muttering has escaped the Warriors' attention and our vultures' scavenging. Meaningful. Everyone outside wants Wiggins' status. Unexpectedly long absences are rare. Missed games increase curiosity.

That's plenty outside the locker room. One player remarked, “If we're fine with it and the people who pay him understand, then everyone else should.”

Modern sports can make players feel like public property. They give a lot for branding. They haven't surrendered their agency.

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