Tricks to Cosy Up the Outdoor With Rugs

Like inside, rugs can visually divide outdoor spaces. Outdoor rugs help define places on decks and patios, which are mostly open.

 Designate areas

A plush outdoor rug may make porches as welcoming as a room inside the house. The designers of this front porch of a restored 1770s estate mansion utilised a warm beige

Make porches feel more inviting

Make a deck party-ready with a colourful outdoor rug. In shady patios or covered porches, rich colours pop.

 Go bold with colour and pattern

A balcony with a rug is more inviting than deck boards. This balcony with pillow-topped wicker chairs and planted citrus appears like the perfect place

Up the cozy factor in a small space

Outdoor rugs can create a colour or pattern theme. This home's covered porch was styled with a white and pumpkin orange rug.

Repeat a theme

Patio carpets with delicate colours or patterns give texture. A delicately patterned outdoor rug on the poured concrete patio adds richness and extends the home's decorative

Embrace neutrals

A pair of outdoor rugs down this covered pathway warms up a useful passageway and breaks up the corridor feeling.

Add warmth to walkways

For wide-open outdoor environments with minimal structure, outdoor furniture can feel a bit like it’s floating.

On a large patio or deck, define a smaller area.

Consider different weather-resistant fabrics in addition to what would be marketed as an outdoor rug. For instance.

Get creative

Instead, paint a rectangular piece of your deck in a rug-like pattern to imitate the appearance of an outdoor rug and benefit from the added colour and visual attractiveness

Go faux

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