Top 10 Zodiac Killers

The Zodiac Killer case is one of the world's most enigmatic unsolved crimes.

recently discovered a Zodiac suspect. Some individuals began to recognize in 2013 that Ted Cruz matched the profile of the Zodiac Killer.

10-Ted Cruz

on October 30, 1966, when Arthur Leigh Allen was identified as the main suspect in Cheri Jo Bates' s slaying.

9-Arthur Leigh Allen

Richard Gaikowski is the next suspect in the Zodiac Killer case.

8-Richard Gaikowski

Yet, the majority of the evidence that seems to implicate Lawrence Kane comes from the cracked codes of the Zodiac Killer.

 7-Lawrence Kane 

Earl Van Best Jr., out of all the suspects on this list, most closely resembles the Zodiac Killer's facial features.

6-Earl Van Best Jr.


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Ross Sullivan was under suspicion for the 1966 slaying of Cheri Jo Bates, a Riverside City College student.

5-Ross Sullivan

About Guy Hendrickson being the Zodiac Killer, there are some outlandish accusations.

4-Guy Hendrickson

Gareth Penn, an author, believed that Michael O'Hare, his professor, was the Zodiac Killer.

3-Gareth Penn

He was odd and reminded me a lot of the Zodiac Killer.

1-Rick Marshall

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