Top 10 White Cat Breeds

The traditional white cat breed is the silky, plush Persian. These kind and friendly cats prefer a peaceful, stable home where they can count on receiving lots of care from their owners.

Persian Cat

Siamese cats can have an eye-catching pure white coat colour, however most of us tend to associate them with coloured points on their legs, tail, and faces.

Siamese Cat

Meet a breed that has a distinct personality and appearance! Their whiskers are slightly wrinkled, and their short coat has a characteristic wave!

Cornish Rex

Due to a hereditary abnormality, Scottish Fold cats' ears' cartilage does not develop properly. Its name comes from the fact that their ears bend over.

Scottish Fold

The American Curl is another breed with recognisable ears and is a very recent breed. They are intelligent and devoted to others, yet they don't talk much or vie for attention.Devon Rex

American Curl


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The coat of the Devon Rex is short and slightly wavy. They are a breed that cannot be confused with any other due to their prominent cheekbones and huge eyes.

Devon Rex

The Siberian cat is large and powerful, and its impressively three-layered thick coat is thick! These curious kitties have lots of chances to explore and play.

Siberian Cat

One of the bigger cat breeds, Norwegian Forest Cats can weigh up to 16 pounds. They have thick coats to help keep them warm during the harsh winters of Northern Europe.

Norwegian Forest Cat

American Shorthair

Sagittarius is the eighth most seductive sign in the zodiac. These autonomous, free-spirited people are constantly energised and enthusiastic.


Despite the fact that the hairless Sphynx can't really be characterised as having long white fur

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