Top 10 Socially Accepted But Unacceptable Things

Parents Not Calming Their Kids Down in Public

I know sometimes kids are upset and you can't help. Try anything. We were all kids. Yet, when parents do nothing, that's lazy parenting.

Many people do this without thinking. Eating, texting, gazing at something on the side of the road, or scrolling through your playlist to locate the right tune is unsafe.

Distracted Driving

Why do they? Have you heard about headphones? No one wants to hear your phone call.

Using Your Speakerphone in Public

It's impolite and invasive to ask that. Nobody cares if a couple has kids. Furthermore, why would you care unless you're family?

Asking Couples When They are Going to Have Kids

Many employers criticise sick leave. I suppose many just tough it out and go to avoid the manager's wrath because they think individuals are lying and fake.

Going to Work While Sick

Why do companies require 6-year experience for entry-level jobs? No use. Entry-level jobs offer on-the-job training.

Entry Level Positions that Require Several Years of Experience

It's normal for people to broadcast their every move. No, you're just begging for attention if you had Starbucks this morning or a fancy restaurant dish.

Documenting Your Daily Life on Social Media

I don't remember being compelled to believe, but some parents do (even in America, which literally has the first amendment protecting freedom of religion),

Forcing Religion on Others

It also exposes kids to secondhand smoke from a young age, which can harm their health.

Smoking in Front of Children

Why did California ban'misinformation'? Patients should recognise vaccination hazards. ALL vaccinations carry hazards. They're flawed.

Silencing Questions

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