We compiled a list of the top pet fish based on how demanding they are to care for and how well they get along with other people.

1. Betta Fish

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1. Betta Fish

Because cherry barbs like to live in groups, aim to get at least five for a single tank. Also, they are fairly shy.

2.Cherry Barb

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These are adorably cute fish that are bottom feeders and enjoy scavenging for food (definitely buy bottom feeder tablets so they can dig for their meals

3. Corydoras Catfish

A makes for an ordinary pet fish. Several goldfish species exist, such as the Oranda, Shubunkin, Comet, and Ryukin, but we chose the fantail due to its distinctive appearance.

4. Fantail Goldfish

Guppies resemble bettas, however they are not aggressive. The males are just as colourful, if not more so, than the females, and they may live peacefully with many other species.

5. Guppy

Molly fish come in approximately 40 different species, all of which are highly popular. Many types exist despite being typically adaptable and straightforward to maintain.

6. Molly Fish

Neon tetras must coexist with other neon tetras in a school in order to survive. This clarifies why their fish's small size justifies such a huge aquarium.

7. Neon Tetra

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The native to Central America, playful, and adaptable platy fish make fantastic complements to the ecosystems of freshwater aquariums.

8. Platy Fish

Among the many varieties of angelfish, silver angelfish are among the most well-liked because of their stunning look and carefree existence.

9. Silver Angelfish

As long as their tank mates don't behave aggressively, swordtails like company. They are too kind to handle confrontation.

10. Swordtail

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