Top 10 Leo myths that are 100% false

Leos are not people who want attention. She enjoys attention, but not too much of it. Leos prefer one person's undivided attention than that of a throng.

People love Leos.

It's not necessary to treat Leo like a princess. As a queen, she expects to be treated with dignity. Leo merely expects the same level of respect from others.

Queen treatment is what they want.

They thrive in drama.

Passion is not the same as drama. Leos do not engage in back-talk. People are occasionally hurt by Leo's strong statements without even recognising it.

Leos let others handle situations if they seem capable. If no one else takes charge, they often do. Listen to others and allow them to take control if they wish.

Leos are total control freaks.

Passion is not the same as drama. Leo isn't as cold as he appears. Leos care about others around them, even if they do not express it.

Leo can be cold as ice.

Leo women are concentrated and motivated. Despite her obvious self-interest, her ultimate purpose is to live her fantasies.

They're selfish.

Leos aren't necessarily brilliant socially just because people like them. Leo women have a difficult time connecting with others because they are quiet, introverted.

Leos are social butterflies.

Others are intimidated by confidence. Leos are self-assured, know exactly what they want, and have strong ideas.

They're incredibly arrogant.

Quality is important to Leos, but not always. Luxurious automobiles and handbags are not necessarily their tastes in life-enriching items.

The Leo zodiac sign has an expensive taste.

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