Top 10 lavish celeb mansions globally

Celebrities are famous for leading opulent lives, and this extends to their residences. From grand estates to contemporary mansions, these homes represent the pinnacle of luxury.

Bill Gates 2.0 of Xanadu Gigantic 66,000 square foot "Xanadu 2.0" residence features grand library, state-of-the-art technology, plethora of opulent amenities.

Villa of George Clooney A $100 million villa with amazing lake views and a private beach is located in Lake Como, Italy.

George Lucas' Ranch in California Owner of a $100 million mansion in Marin County, California. Property includes a lake, several guesthouses, and Sizable main home.

Los Angeles home of Beyonce and Jay Z a home worth $88 million was bought in Los Angeles' posh Bel-Air district. The magnificent estate has a theatre, Jacuzzi, etc

French Château owned by Angelina Jolie Miraval Château, held by Angelina Jolie, is 17th-century chateau situated in the southern French town of Correns 

Tom Cruise's Country House The 298-acre mansion is near Telluride, a is ski resort in the state,  is home to Tom Cruise. The house is almost 10,000 square feet big.

Isle of Jupiter for Tiger Woods island mansion is luxurious residence that has been called  epitome of luxury living. Island, it is among most costly homes.

villa of Ellen DeGeneres It costs $45 million and has a magnificent backyard encircled by lush vegetation and luxuriant gardens.

Kylie Jenner's Elegant Residence $36.5 million estate in Holmby Hills has 7 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and modern décor, with pool being the standout feature.

'1934 Styled' Mansion of Taylor Swift Swift acquired 10,982-square-foot Georgian Revival Estate, formerly the home of legendary filmmaker Samuel Goldwyn, in 2015.

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