Top 10 Concepts Most Can't Understand


Because its antithesis, "hate," is part of love's definition, it's hard to grasp. Love is unknowable to those who have never loved.

"You were a Blue Light Special at K-Mart, almost as nice, and a lot cheaper," Calvin's dad stated. But, life is a circle that broadens our perspective and understanding of people.


Without firsthand experience or witnessing it, this topic is incomprehensible. Knowing death is like growing up and understanding the world and our lives.


Art communicates. Lovers and haters will follow those who write or speak about daily life. Art too. Love or loathe someone's art. Others may not understand what others do.


Beauty is personal. Some find beautiful, others ugly. Many think beauty is beneficial and useful in this life (for example, art, someone who does a good deed is excellent).


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Appearance inspires trust. After being kicked, dogs don't trust us since we smell like the beast that wounded them. We should smell our past abusers.


Many individuals overlook friendship. It's sad. I couldn't fathom living without my friends. I have an emotional support friend, a relatable friend, the kindest person in the world,


Pain intensifies the situation that caused it. Stopping and realising our limits is a warning.


In brief periods, we push our limits, but we also risk the consequences of building up to that moment. To understand, we must learn from our past.

Our Limits

"Common sense is eighteen-year-old prejudices." -Albert Einstein. Common sense is trash because society tells us how to act. 


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