Top 10 Best Vacations


Indeed, Christmas is my favourite holiday. This time of year has a certain enchantment that I can't quite put my finger on. Despite the fact that I spend a lot of time with my family, 

I love everything about Halloween. It's the one holiday where everyone can make it whatever they want it to be. Youngsters can become anybody or whatever they desire to be, and feel powerful


Thanksgiving and Christmas are honestly equally awesome. For Thanksgiving, everyone goes to the one hundred and fifty acre ranch one of family members have, with a lake, woods, meadow,


To whoever is insulting whoever said they don't care about Jesus: do you ever see atheists going around posting ads about how great atheism is and knocking on doors


Still to this day I can't enjoy a firework show without noticing all the pollution it causes. All in all, the buildup is great, as well as the happiness everyone seems to have.

Independence Day

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It's the day where we all have a fresh new year, with new problems (in a good way), new adventures and a fresh start.

New Year's Day

Just like Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve is better than celebrating the actual holiday because when it comes it feels anti-climactic.

New Year's Eve

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples! Show your love today. I'm also a sucker for pink (pink is my favourite color).

Valentine's Day

Because you're so excited for Christmas, you probably enjoy Christmas Eve more than Christmas itself.

Christmas Eve

Alas, it's Saint Patrick's Day, not leprechaun day. It's a Catholic saint's feast day.

St. Patrick's Day

Who knows this season's tale? Throughout the past century, practically everyone has claimed, "I'll do something special for my mum on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day

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