Tom Girardi's bankruptcy prompted Erika Jayne's diamond earring lawsuit.

The subject lacks audacity. Erika Jayne of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has a reputation Joan Jett would disapprove of. 

A middle-aged pop singer married to a wealthy old lawyer, she started well. Sadly for Erika, the rich lawyer was a crook, and EJ may have helped him secure the bag.

Erika moved from the Pasadena Palace to a flat with her dog, who is wondering where his pool went. Her estranged spouse is supposedly unable to care for himself. 

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Since her drama began, Erika has had some hard seasons, but a win is a win.
You'll adore this. Erika sued for financial damages after selling her diamond earrings.

She displayed on the show? She did. Radar Online. Erika "demanded" reimbursement for Tom's bankruptcy-related diamond earrings sold to Ronald Richards' wife. Tom's law firm trustee mocked EJ.

Tom and his group are accused of running Girardi Keese like a Ponzi scheme. Tom received five wire fraud charges in February. He also faces prison for embezzling $15 million.

Erika thinks Disney will order that villain edit. Danielle Staub chuckles. Creditors think Erika is living large on hot money. Tom's firm trustee sued EJ for $25 million.

Erika often opposes Tom's behaviour in court. In court documents, the trustee claims Girardi Keese bought Erika's EJ Global. Tom could pay the bills, she said.

Erika's diamond earrings were sought. She gave up $750k jewellery. The judge restored the earrings when the trustee showed financial paperwork showing they were acquired with his client's money.

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