Tokyo Fashion Week's Top Street Styles

Tokyo Fashion Week's Top Street Styles

Take a look at some of the daring clothing worn outside of the Autumn/Winter 2023 presentations.

At this month's Rakuten Fashion Week in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood, fashionistas descended in large numbers wearing a variety of vibrantly colored and avant-garde outfits.

Additionally, in a city famed for its daring fashion culture, street style deserved just as much attention as the brands showcasing their Autumn/Winter 2023 designs on the runways.

Outside the week's exhibitions, there were strikingly colored wigs, monochromatic ensembles, and giant trench coats all on display.

Guests arrived in pairs wearing coordinated clothing and matching accessories like berets or tinted sunglasses.

"Fashion is a technique I use to express myself. The most stylish individuals in Japan choose to stick to their own particular aesthetic over current trends.

Embodied a "dreamy, charming" look in a light-blue and cream ensemble with her pinkish hair pulled up into pigtails beneath a lace bucket hat.

Fashion in Japan is quite loose and depicts the Japanese aesthetic. I can wear whatever I want to here without getting in trouble.

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