The World's Greatest Smells

Fresh Air

The cold, snow, ice, spruce, birch, and other types of trees, glaciers, and clean land all rank high on my list of things I enjoy. Spruce White Skies, Dark Green Grass,

It's nostalgic. My grandmother's vanilla cupcakes smelled fantastic when freshly cooked. It smells warm and gentle.


I make my mum coffee every morning and have even drunk coffee when I was too young. I love coffee, so I'd always bring a jar of beans with me.


Barbecue sYES! I enjoy BBQ, but the fragrance makes it better. Everything smells good. Briquette barbecues are best.


I love bonfire smell! When I smell it, I think of summer (my favourite season), camping, and eating s'mores.


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When you smell it, your mind blanks and you only think about how amazing it will taste. Really excellent!


Dirt and rain are my favourite smells. It's never sweet and never gets old. Sweet fragrances are great but might cause headaches.


Love chocolate. My favourite flavour. Non-dark chocolate. Milk and white. Great photo.

Melted Chocolate

Petrol smells great. It smells like metropolitan comfort and safety. I always pause and inhale the air when construction smells like it.

Fresh Petrol

Summer grass cutting smells like 5th-6th grade summer holiday. I could run faster and jump higher in my PF Flyers.

Freshly Cut Grass

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