The World's Greatest Places to Retire

If you're approaching or have reached retirement age and are considering moving abroad because of how your peers are doing, you could feel that you should have been born in the Netherlands.

Norway, perhaps. Irish, too. Although you can't change where you were born, retirement is the ideal opportunity to see how you and other Americans rank among the world's retirees. 

 How do Thijs, Didrik, and Maeve compare to your typical homegrown Tom, Dick, or Mary? The quick response:

Despite the fact that the United States is the top superpower in the world, many other wealthy nations' citizens may anticipate more secure retirements than Americans.

According to researchers, other wealthy nations that offer both cash benefits and superior healthcare systems outperform the U.S. in terms of retirement security.

You are not alone if these or other facts have you thinking about spending all or a portion of your retirement abroad of the United States.

More than 440,000 retirees are receiving Social Security payments from the US abroad. Consider John Ovink,

a 69-year-old Dutch-born American citizen who immigrated to the country in his mid-thirties and retired after more than 20 years of legal practice in Florida.

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