The Top 10 Greatest Things Ever


I believe in God because he created the universe and forgave our sins.

Because music exists, it should be first. Deaf individuals understand music. Christians can't show God exists even though he's the greatest thing ever.


It's everything to me. Despite our differences, we're a powerful team. Our friendship is genuine.


We'd die without nourishment. Be thankful for food—starvation is horrible. Be thankful for your food because other people go hungry daily. Thank you.


They wouldn't exist without life. Life permits god, video games, books, friends, boys/girls,


It's just my opinion, but the bible says "anyone does not love, does not know god," thus if god is all powerful and love is the most powerful force in the universe,


I'll say this despite the backlash. Internet-free societies have thrived for millennia. It ruins minds. It shouldn't be this high on the list because humans don't require it.


Bethlehem was Jesus' birthplace. Mary "was found with child of the Holy Ghost" and gave birth to him (Matthew 1:18). God and man (John 20:28).


I'm happy to live in an era where one can act out any fantasy, anytime. It will forever define this age. Video games

Video Games

I enjoy video games, but there are more essential things, like this. Video games wouldn't exist without water, which generates energy.


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