The master weaver of paranoia has crafted epic works into unbelievable movies

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has done incredibly well since his transition to Hollywood a decade ago.

It was better done by John Cena. Cena's transition was made easier by Johnson's former path from WWF to the

film industry and the criticism he endured (and graciously overcame) with his physicality and

the leading roles he garnered in big-budget movies. The molding hands of James Gunn, however, prove that the former's talents are undiminished.

With The Rock's rise to Hollywood's top tiers, projects have been pouring in. No one sells out a box office better

than Dwayne Johnson, the multi-business owner with fingers in many pies. People know great things will happen when the action

megastar produces a movie. Ultimately, the great thing turned out to be a collaboration with John Cena, indicating an end to their long-running beef.

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