The Lakers celebrated after eliminating the Grizzlies from the playoffs.

Although the Memphis Grizzlies talked a lot of trash during their first-round series against the Los Angeles Lakers, the purple and

gold were mostly content to let their play speak for itself during their triumph in the series, which they won in six games to open the NBA playoffs.

Or at least they thought they did... until they realized they had to go ahead and bury the Grizz. After that, it was time to let loose and have some fun.

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First, as the Lakers were running away with things in their eventual 125-85, series-deciding Game 6 victory, D'Angelo Russell and

Dennis Schroder got the celebration started by exaggerating pointing to Jaren Jackson Jr. on the ground after he was sent

sprawling by an Anthony Davis dunk as if they were Shaq and they'd just posterized Chris Dudley: Firstly,

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as he danced next to his teammates lined the bench:Tim MacMahon of ESPN stated that the whole Lakers locker room could be heard singing the phrase to a rap song from 2005 following the Lakers'.

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