The 9 Steps to Designing a Room

Rather than asking yourself how you want your space to look, ask yourself how you want it to feel, and let that guide your color choices, furniture choices, and d├ęcor.

1. Set the Mood

2. Get Inspired

Find inspiration on social media, interior design magazines, books, and websites. Analyze why you enjoy going to the places you like to escape to.

Design your space to suit your current lifestyle rather than striving for some aspirational vision.

3. Get Real

When redecorating, remove anything you don't use, need, or love. Don't bring anything into an empty room if you're designing it from scratch.

4. Declutter

If you want to make a floorplan, there are plenty of free online tools and software options available.

5. Map It Out

6. Decide on a Color Regardless of whether you want a neutral palette or an eye-catching one, making a decision early on will help you achieve a cohesive look.

6. Decide on a Color Palette

Think about how you can beautify and personalize the room without renovating the existing flooring, wall color, and fixtures if you prefer a makeover rather than a remodel.

7. Start With the Finishes

Focus on your anchor piece, which is usually a sofa, before fussing over throw pillows in your living room

8. Choose Anchor Pieces

As soon as you've chosen the perfect sofa, check out coffee tables to see what styles and sizes work well, or whether an oversized pouf would be better.

9. Select Secondary Furniture

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