The 10 Healthiest Fast-Food

Chipotle makes eating well delicious. Choose chicken or sofritas (tofu-based), add fajitas, salsa, and beans for fiber and protein! This is light and flavorful without rice, cheese

Chipotle: Salad Bowl

Load up a Shake Shack hamburger with vegetable toppings and spreads and save calories, fat, and sodium. Wrapping it in lettuce cuts calories. 'Shroom burger for vegans.

Shake Shack: Hamburger

White Castle's Original Sliders are healthier than the chicken or fish sliders. But, the Vegetarian Slider has fewer calories and fat than the Impossible Slider

White Castle: Original Slider

Burger King: Cheeseburger

Burger King's namesake seems suitable, even though there are alternative possibilities. .

The Spicy Monterey sub is a must-have at Quiznos. The 4" sandwich has oven-roasted turkey breast, smoked ham, melted provolon Heat-averse? .

Quiznos: Spicy Monterey Sub

Guac's free! With grilled veggies and chicken, pico de gallo, salsa verde, and guac, this Qdoba salad is delicious! It has more fiber, less salt

Qdoba: Paleo Chicken Salad

Domino's thin crust is lighter than hand-tossed but crunchy enough to contain all the wonderful toppings. This veggie-centric pie is great

Domino's: Pacific Veggie Thin Crust

It "has the meat," but it also has lots of veggies, Greek-inspired flavor, and a toasty pita.

Arbys: Roast Beef Gyro

Au Bon Pain's vegetarian salad meets your five-a-day. It provides nutrients with greens, peppers, kalamata olives, feta, chickpeas, and other veggies.

Au Bon Pain: Mediterranean Salad

Instead of mac & cheese at Boston Market, load your dish with fresh steamed vegetables, corn, and/or garlic dill potatoes

Boston Market: Rotisserie Chicken Bowl

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