Teen Love PredictThe Top 9 Star Nail Designs from Hollywoodions

We can get nail art ideas from Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and others. Celebrity manicures: our top 9.

Use a white foundation and golden foils shaped into a "V" to change the shape of your nails.

1.Stilettos Nails and Foils

leopard-print nail art with stones. Bows are used in this nail design. Try it as well.

2.Studded Bling Nails and Leopard

Smiley nails are simple to make using dotting tools and top coat.

3. Rihanna’s Smiley Nails

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To create a jazzed-up look on nails, you need good hands.

4. Boom and Bang Nail Art

Katy Perry-inspired nail art with foils, deco, and a ruby stone.

5. Katy Perry’s Bling Nails

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This nail art is easy to make with your favorite colors and a black striper. Colorful stripes look good on long and short nails. Topcoat to finish.

6. Just Stripes Nail Design

Obama nails like this one are possible with the right Obama face water decals. Water decals may not be available in India. That wasn't painted freehand.

7. Obama Nails by Katy Perry

To create polka dot nail art in the Katy Perry manner, coordinate the colors of your nail polish with your lipstick or eye makeup.

8. Simple Polka Dots Nail Art

This Obama nail design is possible with the correct Obama face water decals. India may not have similar water decals. Not freehand.

9. Bling and Water Decal Nails by Katy Perry

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