Supernatural Signs of 12 Zodiac Signs

Fire is your sign. Your fiery enthusiasm is intriguing. Your searing flame makes you the zodiac warrior.

Aries: Fire Manipulation

You also have a great sense of rhythm. You use your time better than anyone else. You can jump through time, which shows that time does not exist.

Taurus: Time Travel

Undercover geniuses. Your thoughts become real through light. Your different selves keep coming back to you in your head. With the flick of a finger, you can look like you belong

Gemini: Shapeshifting

Cancer: Healing

There is a link between moon tides and you. Touch eases the pain of both children and adults. You have feelings because you are the cosmic parent of all time.

You felt joy, love, laughter, and childish dreams in your heart. When you enter a room, the lights turn on. You shine like a diamond, like a moth to a flame.

Leo: Glowing

Everyone is curious about how you know so much, but you just do. You want to have power and help other people. Virgo, you seem to always know what's best for everyone.

Virgo: Fortune-Telling

The most important thing about you is that you can communicate well and see things from different points of view. It works like a mirror.

Libra: Telekinesis

You have already done this. It's not the second or third time. In a way, your ancestors live on through you. A sense of duty comes with spiritual gifts.

Scorpio: Clairvoyance

You have real hope and excitement that can't be stopped. Everything is possible. Sagittarius, aim high. To get to Neverland, you don't even need fairy dust.

Sagittarius: Flight

You're very serious and strict because you have a lot on your mind. You are on a mission that will never end. As you move through the shadows,

Capricorn: Invisibility

You really care about people. Your secret? You are the genius of the zodiac because you are smart and open to new ideas.

Aquarius: Mind Control

When you sleep, what happens? There is a universe inside you, and your spirit shows that there is more than "infinity." You can go beyond the limits of this world

Pisces: Astral Projection

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