Sunday, March 26, 2023 horoscope

You crave new experiences, people, and places. Travel briefly? Walk around. Renovations, guests, and home improvements can alter home dynamics.


You value wealth. Today is a great day to buy yourself wardrobe treasures because you'll be more straightforward in the next six weeks.


Moon in your sign will amplify emotions. It may also boost your luck. (Beg the universe!) Since you'll spend it, you'll work hard for it!



Mars will provide you energy and vigour for six weeks. (Occasional) You'll project yourself more strongly because you want to show off! You'll likely win.

Today is suitable for a heart-to-heart with a friend, likely a woman. Venus near the top of your chart improves authority figures. Be aware in the next weeks. It's fishy.


Friends and groups will become more hostile and competitive. You get more attention. They seem to know your personal life. You love exploring!


In the next six weeks, you'll be driven to succeed. You wish to change! You desire to escape your regular routine for excitement and fresh experiences.


In the coming weeks, you'll become more creative and cerebral. You may need to defend your convictions. You're focusing on expanding your thinking. Some of you work in courts.


Good news! Partner and friend conflicts have been tense for some months. You may have irritated friends. This irritation will subside today. Hence, connections should improve.


Family interactions and repairs are your priority now. Playtime. You still want to organise. (This is smart since change is coming.)


Stay occupied! You also want to beautify your home. Playful, fun day. Enjoy socialising. Invite someone home to see your recent renovations.


You prioritise money and possessions. Your charm and diplomacy have improved relationships. You're grateful for your surroundings and optimistic. You enjoy staying at home.


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