String Light Decor: 11 Beautiful Ideas

Learn how to hang outdoor string lights before you can transform your garden into a comfortable haven.

How to Hang Patio String Lights

Outdoor string lights are not a one-size-fits-all decor item because there are dozens of different styles available.

Choosing Outdoor String Lights

If a fence or patio don't provide the distinct borders that a patio or backyard do, create your own with some string lights.

Create Boundaries with Lights

These gorgeous decorative hanging lights make it possible to swim in the pool after sunset.

Exterior String Lighting

You can create your own if you don't have a clear location to hang your lights (such a deck post or tree branch).

DIY String Light Planters

Think again if you believe that your backyard cannot handle ornamental string lights.

Outdoor Twinkle Lights

Decorate your patio table with string lights to create the ultimate dining haven.

Outdoor Dinner Party

This backyard sparkles with ornamental outdoor lighting in the trees above, resembling a scene from a fairy tale.

Landscape with String Lights

You don't have to go huge when using outdoor patio string lights.

Create an Outdoor Room

A canopy of huge bulb lights suspended above a comfortable seating area will brighten the night.

Functional Outdoor Lighting

A pool house, a storage shed, or an outdoor eating space lit by lights can make the transition from indoors to outdoors easier.

Lights for Outdoor Entertaining

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