Caitlin Stasey urged, "Don't tell my spouse."

Caitlin Stasey gives her new eight-part survival comedy Class Of '07 an honest recommendation:

 “I love the cast—and I wouldn't say it if I didn't, because I'm not good at pretending to like people.”

Stasey featured in Australian hits Neighbours and Please Like Me and Hollywood horror films like Smile.

Class of '07 is an exception. “So many times you make a project that's extremely precious to you and

 then in the course of shooting and editing, things get lost in translation,” she says.

 Yet this is one of the few times in my career that everything has gone well.”

Stasey is recognized for her provocative social media remarks and 

on-screen roles (though she now prefers to use her Instagram more for photos of her dog and girlfriend).

Stasey discusses her screen time tool and why she hopes her girlfriend doesn't read this interview.

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