Sport World Prays for Shaquille O'Neal

American former professional basketball player Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal, also known as "Shaq," is a sports analyst on the television show Inside the NBA.

He is a centre who stands 7 feet, 1 inch, weighs 147 kilogrammes, and played for six NBA clubs throughout his 19-year career.

O'Neal was selected first overall by the Orlando Magic in the 1992 NBA Draft after playing college basketball for the LSU Tigers.

Lucille O'Neal and Joe Toney, a high school basketball player, welcomed O'Neal into the world on March 6, 1972 in Newark, New Jersey.

On Sunday night, the entire sports world is hoping Shaquille O'Neal, a legendary NBA big man, is fine.

On Sunday night, O'Neal posted a picture of himself in the hospital. What transpired is unknown, but he seems to be okay enough to tweet.

Sports lovers are hoping everything turns out okay. One supporter said, "Hope you OK, Big Guy."

"Big fella, get well soon! now offering prayers "fan included. "I adore Shaq! a prayer, "fan added, one.

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