Selena Gomez makes history 400 million Instagram followers

Selena Gomez is the first woman to reach 400 million Instagram followers.

On the social networking site Instagram, singer Selena Gomez is the first woman to have 400 million followers.

In February, the singer overtook Kylie Jenner to claim the title of Instagram's most followed female.

The popularity of Gomez on Instagram is nothing new. For years, she has routinely ranked among the most popular celebs on the platform.

Her experience with social media, however, has not been smooth. The singer admitted that in 2019,

When it began to negatively impact her mental health, she removed the photo-sharing app from her phone.

She admitted to InStyle in 2022 that at one point, Instagram had taken over as her entire universe.

she is the most followed lady. Cristiano Ronaldo, a soccer star with 562 million fans, is the rightful owner of the distinction.

The finest decision Gomez has ever made for her mental health was to take a sabbatical from social media, she said.

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