By 2028, S. Korea aims to shift to 6G.

According to reports, South Korea wants to convert to 6G infrastructure in 2028.

According to the South Korean Ministry of Science and Information Communication Technology's announcement, the "K-Network 2030" project's scope includes

In order to transition to 6G infrastructure in 2028, the new generation mobile network must be strengthened and renewed.

In this regard, it was mentioned that by starting the project two years early, the government would like to demonstrate its "wireless technology leadership."

The project of switching to 6G will last until 2030 in South Korea said by the govt.

At the same time, it was announced that 481 million dollars will be spent on research and development

 Lot of money has been spent to determine whether 6G infrastructure technologies might be used.

The announcement said that the government would provide incentives to local businesses.

The government will provide incentives to develop components, equipment, and materials as well as to build an open network.

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