After Ja Morant Scandal, Memphis Grizzlies Leave Road Cities.

The NBA is looking into a video of Ja Morant flashing a gun, and

the Memphis Grizzlies are reportedly planning to depart away towns right after games.

The Grizzlies have made some adjustments, according to a report by Joe Vardon and Sam Amick for The Athletic,

to prevent another incident involving Morant or one of their players.

After games, the squad intends to depart from places like Miami without spending the night there since "further accountability measures may follow."

It is unclear how tight of a lead the Grizzlies intend to maintain in anticipation of additional controversy

because their roster features some of the NBA's youngest players.

The revelation comes following Morant's eight-game suspension for the incident,

 in which he was seen displaying a gun on Instagram Live at a Colorado nightclub last month.

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