Ripa: Consuelos was "insanely jealous" early in their relationship

"It's extremely hard being married to somebody who is envious," Ripa remarked on her SiriusXM podcast Let's Chat Off Camera with Kelly Ripa's first episode.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are opening up about their 26-year marriage, including its challenges.

On Wednesday's launch of Ripa's Sirius XM podcast Let's Chat Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, the couple discussed their relationship and how they overcame challenges by working together.

"It always gets better," remarked Consuelos, 51. "If you speak things through, literally, there's nothing insurmountable."

Ripa, 52, recalled how they fought over Consuelos' jealousy. "My biggest gripe about you during the course of our marriage—and this is not recent, 'cause it clearly changed, and I don't know if

I changed or if you changed or if it was some mix of change—but you used to be terribly jealous," Ripa remarked. "It hurt. Jealousy makes marriage difficult. Ugly."

She added that Consuelos often felt jealous over "a notion of a scenario" that wasn't accurate. After the All My Children couple secretly eloped in 1996, a Boston restaurant waiter tenderly

called her a "princess" in Italian. "The old waiter was adorable. He was in his 70s, possibly 80s "RIPA. "This old man calling me a princess was adorable. I smiled at him and ordered.

I was crazy at 25. "But jealousy definitely followed me for a long," he claimed. I'm over jealousy. Character defect.

Ugly. It's as ugly inside as it is to the recipient. If it helps, you're nuts. Jealous people realize this is terrible and unpleasant yet can't help it."

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