'Renfield' Trailer: Nicolas Cage as Dracula in horror comedy

In less than a month, two famous Nic(h)olases will appear together. The final trailer for Universal Studios' horror comedy "Renfield," starring Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage, is out.

The trailer opens in Bran Stoker's original "Dracula" novel with Renfield (Hoult) meeting the diabolical Count Dracula, set to Radiohead's early

'90s grunge song "Creep," a great hymn for social outcasts (Cage). A hundred years later, the familiar is the vampire's helpless servant, driven to locate fresh victims to feed his bloodlust.

Renfield meets Rebecca, a traffic officer, after saving a New Orleans club from a gunshot. He tells his new girlfriends club from a gunshot. He tells his new girlfriend

about his peculiar job, and she urges him to escape Dracula's abuse. Renfield and Rebecca must destroy Dracula before he hatches another diabolical plan.

Ben Schwartz, Adrian Martinez, and Brandon Scott Jones star alongside Cage, Hoult, and Awkwafina.

The Lego Batman Movie" and "The Future War" director Chris McKay directs "Renfield." Ryan

Ridley wrote the film's script from Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" and "Invincible" premise."When I got a feel of where [director] McKay intended to go, I recognized the

the movie had a humorous, pop art attitude," Cage told Empire Magazine. I thought, "This will be pop-art Dracula." Warhol's Dracula was black-on-black. Warhol-like.”

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