Raquel Leviss Her "Illicit Romance" with Tom Sandoval

He said that Raquel Leviss "Used" Peter Madrigal to cover up their "Illicit Affair."

Raquel Leviss is accused by Peter of using him as a "pawn" in order to hide her illicit relationship with Tom Sandoval.

Peter served as the scapegoat for a questionable relationship.

Raquel and Tom are being called out by Peter for what they did behind his back.

Peter asserted that he will fight back if someone insults him, even if it means interrupting them on live television.

Peter does not like Raquel since she is a cunning person who kept everything a secret.

Peter should have been at the reunion because he feels passionately about Raquel's behavior. Raquel was questioned by Peter about her relationship with Sandoval.

Lance anticipates going back onto the field for offseason workouts.

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