Run for the Kids 2023: 1000+ photographs

The Herald Sun-Transurban Run for the Kids on Sunday filled the city with color.

Almost 20,000 people raced, jogged, and walked the circuits to raise over $1 million for The Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Some children dressed as superheroes, others in tutus, and others in banana outfits.

Herald Sun Run for the Kids Race Village 2023 photos The small track was meaningful to Gail Monument, who walked it with family and friends.

“We did it for my beautiful niece's firstborn who regrettably only lived for three weeks and

was in the Royal Children's Hospital for the entire time,” she said.

“It's a great cause, we missed it during Covid but we'll do it as a family and team.”

Runners crossed the Bolte Bridge, Domain Tunnel, and Yarra River to finish at Docklands under a cloudy Melbourne morning sky.

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