Rachel replies to criticism of her former

After the actress revealed her love life earlier this month, people began to question Rachel's ex-boyfriends, including Hayden Christensen, Bill Hader, and others.

Fans were astonished when the 41-year-old actress said she didn't have her first sex-related orgasm until she was "around 38" years old on the March 13

Due to this, fans dug up her dating past and called out some of her ex-boyfriends, including Bill Hader and Adam Brody, the father of her daughter Hayden Christensen.

The 42-year-old presenter Nick Viall was informed by the former star of The O.C. that "apparently, some names were brought up in both regards.

I'm not OK with it since it has nothing to do with anything." "Just I was involved, nobody else. Everything centered on me.

The initial remark came from Rachel when she was speaking with comedian Whitney Cummings on the subject.

Rachel recounted to Nick that "she was telling me that she took off birth control, and at 40 she was able to have an orgasm." As I was older, I was able to do it also, so I simply jumped on that.

Added her, Okay, let me just say to you folks that it has nothing to do with any partners. Individuals enjoy simply making up stories.

The allegation that Rachel and Nick were seeing each other in 2019 was also debunked by Rachel during their conversation with Nick. No, she responded, "Nick and I never dated.

Many believed they were dating after Nick posted a picture of them sitting on his studio sofa in July 2019 together with the comment, "Would we want to relinquish our individual rooms?

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