A New Pastry Has Been Added to Costco's Bakery Department, and It's "Dangerously Good"

I had intended to spend the entire day lounging around in my pyjamas today, but one of my favourite Instagram accounts,

@CostcoHotFinds, has inspired me to put on actual clothes and head to my local Costco instead.

The cause? Pie, butter, and peanuts are three short words.

This American favourite has started to appear on shelves across the nation thanks to Costco, and I for one am overjoyed.

The peanut butter pies were one of my all-time favourite things to prepare while I worked as the pastry manager for a chain of restaurants and a catering business.

These were among the most well-liked offerings at our bakery and on the dessert menu at our restaurant, and for good cause.

The Costco version appears to adhere to this timeless ideal, and it has the added benefit of being available in the legendary 12-inch size.

Within a graham cracker crust with more peanut butter filling decoratively piped around the edges, it has a fluffy peanut butter filling that is topped with a light and airy chocolate mousse.

 What does this 4.5-pound treat cost? The cost is a tad on the high side at $19.99, much like many other brand re-releases in recent times.

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