Tom Cruise's Paramount deal cost $100 million.

Tom Cruise is known worldwide. Cruise's self-portrayed action sequels have stunned audiences.

 Cruise, 60, performed each stunt flawlessly to create an impactful moment.

Tom Cruise's best films are Mission Impossible, Top Gun, and others. 

One of the world's highest-paid actors is A Few Good Men's star. 

In sharing the rights to Top Gun: Maverick with Paramount, the Rain Man star lost a lot. 

Cruise's 2022 smash Top Gun: Maverick is highly known. The $170 million film made $1.493 billion globally. 

This film earned the Mission Impossible star over $100 million.

 If the popular film's makers had sold cable and streaming rights to a better platform, this price could have been increased by a considerable amount.

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