NFL Draft 2023: Eagles, Seahawks improve; Cowboys disappoint

The record for the 2023 NFL Draft has finally been recorded. After 259 players have been chosen,

the teams in the league will soon begin the process of determining how to combine all of these pieces of the puzzle.

It is obvious that it will take some time before we can determine how successfully or unsuccessfully any franchise was run. 

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However, this will not prevent us from giving our opinion on how things appear, at least on paper.

GM It would appear like Howie Roseman has lived up to expectations once more, as he has collected one superb pick after another. 

After letting go of a number of important contributors in free agency, Roseman focused a significant portion of his team's resources during the draft on revamping the defensive unit.

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Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith, both of whom play for Georgia, should help bolster an already formidable defensive front, while Keelee Ringo, also from Georgia, 

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