Mitchell-Thompson Good Burger 2.

On "The Tonight Show" March 17, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell announced a sequel to the 1997 comedy.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," Mitchell said. "Welcome to the Good Burger's home—part two!"

The two comedians and host Jimmy Fallon stood up and shouted "two!" as the studio audience cheered.

Once "Good Burger" was published, the couple intended to make a sequel. 

The "Saturday Night Live" star plans to film this summer and release the picture "soon."

"It's a blessing, man," Thompson told Fallon. "Incredible." According to a sequel press release, Dex and Ed will return to Good Burger with new coworkers.

Thompson warned Fallon of many "hijinks." "many guest appearances.

"We want as many cameos as possible," he stated. They then requested Fallon to appear.

“Of course,” he replied. “I'd do anything with you guys.” Mitchell played Ed, a naïve Good Burger cashier, in the 1994 "All That" sketch.

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