Marielle Altenor Shares Tips To Make School Mornings Easier.

Parents need a routine to keep their household running smoothly, starting in the morning.

Find out what works best for your family to conquer your day.

15 minutes of alone time before everyone wakes up can help your day run smoothly.

1. Awaken before the children

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Create a weekly organization system to plan for the week ahead and prepare for the day as soon as you wake up.

2. Establish a system of organization

Pack lunch the night before to save time and make sure the kids' water bottles are full and refrigerated. 

3.Plan your meals when you can

Make kids' clothes and backpacks ready the night before.

4. Prepare the previous evening.

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Create a playlist of upbeat tunes to start the day, and stock up on Quaker Chewy granola bars for a quick and delicious snack option.

 5.Put on some music

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