March 20's Best Pictures and Portraits

Five spontaneous wedding memories are featured this week. As The Crow Flies, Bobbi Barbarich, Lee Allison,

Traci Edwards of Adventure+Vow, and Will Dolphin took the following photos. When The Crow Flies—husband-and-wife pair Alexis and

Warren—captured this stunning wedding day scene in Overton, Nevada's Valley of Fire. Alexis says, “We were just outside Las Vegas,

where it never rains, but of course on this day it decided to pour and the wind was harder than ever!” "We are often faced with brides

who want everything flawless for their photos," Alexis says. Nature prevented that. The wind removed the finishing touches we usually picture.

Dress, tie, hair! This artwork promises her groom will always be behind her, even on the tough days ahead.

Bobbi Barbarich feels this photo's random puppy is special. “The dog reinforces the couple's playfulness,” she says.

“The pooch adds an unexpected pop, raising the photo beyond just a beautiful photo of two folks playing on a beach.”

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