Least to most jealous zodiac signs

Gemini is the least jealous sign. This sign is characterized by dual personalities, curiosity, and intelligence. Geminis don't feel threatened by others


Aquarius is the second-least jealous sign. This sign's natives are forward-thinking and creative.


Pisces is the third-least jealous sign. Individuals born under this sign are creative, empathetic, and sensitive. They are kind people who don't feel intimidated by other



Sagittarius ranks ninth on the list of jealous zodiac signs. This sign's optimists, freedom-lovers, and adventurers. They don't allow small things bother

Capricorn is eighth most jealous sign. This sign's natives are ambitious and hardworking. They don't sweat the small stuff. Capricorns are efficient and would rather focus on their careers


Virgo is seventh most jealous. This sign's natives are hardworking perfectionists. They strive for perfection and can be self-critical. They aren't usually jealous in partnerships.


Libra is the sixth most jealous sign. Balance, harmony, and diplomacy are traits of those born under this sign. Libras are peacemakers and shun conflict at all costs. They avoid jealousy.


Aries is the fifth most envious zodiac sign. Aries can be extremely independent, yet in relationships, they need a lot of attention and validation from their partner.


The fourth most envious sign is Taurus. Individuals born under this sign are stubborn and possessive. They are loyal and dependable but overprotective in relationships.


Leo is the third most jealous sign. Though they may appear confident and independent, they fear desertion and betrayal, which can lead to jealousy.


Cancer is the second most jealous sign. Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs, so it's no surprise they're jealous.


Scorpio is the most jealous sign. Anything can make them jealous. Scorpios are envious, whether of a spouse or a friend. They have strong emotions that can rapidly turn violent.


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