Kyle Shanahan still seeks Trey Lance.

49ers starting quarterback Brock Purdy is anticipated.

Purdy's achievement is a result of his excellent postseason performance.

Trey has a chance to reclaim his old fame.

It will be three months before Purdy is back in the game.

It can take till Week 4 to clear Purdy.

The offseason will include a lot of practice time for Lance and Darnold.

Garoppolo was selected, and Lance was chosen to take his position.

Lance anticipates going back onto the field for offseason workouts.

Following Garoppolo's injury, Purdy was replaced by Garoppolo.

For Lance to get back his starting position, Purdy set the bar high.

Brock has a chance to recover thanks to his injury.

It's anticipated that the 49ers will sign a young quarterback.

Shanahan is hopeful that Brock's injuries will heal properly.

Sam and Trey get a chance to show off their abilities.

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