Kelly Clarkson Kids’ know her divorce with to Brandon Blackstock

The children of Kelly Clarkson's divorce from Brandon Blackstock have been "really honest" about their feelings.

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Upon splitting from Brandon Blackstock, mother River , 8, and Remington , 6, recently reflected. River and Remington often tell Kelly how they feel about their parents' divorce.

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During the March 13 episode of The Angie Martinez IRL Podcast, Kelly said, "I literally ask my kids, Are you happy?' Then I ask, What could make you happier Are you happy she asked.

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Often they say something that kills me, especially the past two years and I want them to be honest with me so I don't say, Oh God, don't tell me.

Kelly explained that she appreciates their honesty: "I'm raising that type of individual. I want you to be honest with me."

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Kelly says her kids ask her all the time, "So do you no longer love him?" she says, "No, that won't go away."

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Kelly says she is open to romance in the future, but has no plans to remarry. Kelly said she wouldn't get married. My family has experienced divorces as a kid.

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