Keeanu Benton, a new Steeler, said: "Mike Tomlin told me he wants goons out there."

Keeanu Benton, a nose tackle out of Wisconsin, claims he is exactly the type of player Steelers coach Mike Tomlin selected him to be.

Tomlin reportedly told Benton that Benton is the type of physical, tough guy that the Steelers are looking for after selecting him in the second round.

According to Benton, "just talking to Coach Tomlin, the main thing I had taken away from that was he wants goons out there,

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and he wants somebody who's not afraid to get his nose dirty, and I feel like I am the best option for that guy," 

according to Tomlin claimed to have informed Benton that, however he is unaware that he wants Benton to refer to himself as a "goon" in public.

That's a fair assessment, but I'll give him media training so he can keep some of our private chats secret, Tomlin added.

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Benton started at Wisconsin for four years and had a reputation as a difficult player to block in the Big Ten. The Steelers believe he possesses the tenacity they require.

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