JLo Launched Her New Collection in Shoes Only.

Jennifer Lopez has remained a star for decades. Pop star, actor, producer, and businesswoman, she stays busy. JLo Beauty and her Revolve shoe partnership play into the latter.

JLo debuted her new line in shoes only. Jennifer Lopez's 53-year-old beauty is legendary. She enjoys flaunting her muscular body in Hustlers and Revolve. Instagram post.

That'd impress. This photo highlights Jennifer Lopez's shoes, especially the long gladiator strap. Sailor Moon-worthy bunches cover JLo's sensitive areas. This photoshoot had thick hair.

Jennifer Lopez's Revolve (opens in new tab) collection includes more shoes than the one shown above. She's been promoting the line by wearing the shoes to events.

 JLo's Instagram shows her in full glam and Revolve heels. See below: If Jennifer Lopez wears the shoes, Revolve's line must be good.

Smart money suggests the line is gaining a lot of attention due to the nude image. JLo has almost 238 million Instagram followers.

Jennifer Lopez's shoe line and daring marketing campaign are one reason she's been in the news lately. Fans have been obsessed with Lopez and Ben Affleck since their reunion with Bennifer 2.0.

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After marrying and mixing families, the couple is having trouble locating a home. We'll see whether they attend more prominent events like the Grammys, where Affleck went viral for appearing fatigued.

Jennifer Lopez works too. She released Shotgun Wedding on Amazon lately and has more great projects coming up. That includes Netflix and The Mother. The biopic Unstoppable stars JLo and Affleck.

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